Godless – Review

Once again, readers, we return to the wonderful world of the Netflix Original. There’s certainly a lot of them about, but whilst most of them tend to be pseudo-historical tosh in the way of Frontier or The Crown, reboots or re-imaginings like Arrested Development and whatever’s left of House Of Cards or just another sodding Marvel adaptation, every now and […]

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Paddington 2 – Review

Well seeing as my level of humour for most things seems to mainly involve sarcasm and puns so awful that I like to think they go full circle and actually become good, the potential for ursine wordplay is absolutely phenomenal in something like the Paddington series, but I’ll try to avoid stooping to that level so […]

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6 Days – Review

It’s a frequently overlooked fact that when people beam and say ‘Oh the 80’s were so great’, they’re usually referring to America in the 80’s and pretty much nowhere else. See over here in the UK we had horrible things like Margaret Thatcher, miners strikes, the Falklands War and the slow but steady collapse of Britain’s […]

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Stranger Things 2 – Review

Ahh it’s that time of year again, where the shadows lengthen, pumpkins magically acquire hand-carved faces and it becomes socially acceptable to dress up as serial killers or impersonate a member of the authorities. Yes, it’s Halloween, and no Halloween would be complete without a bit of old-fashioned cosmic horror from another dimension to come […]

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