Kong: Skull Island – Review

Ah, now how’s this for juxtaposition. Last week I was typing a up a review of a film filled with laughter, frolics and fun. A film with whirlwind romance and moving emotional drama, as well as some rather excellent singing. Perhaps by way of withdrawal, I’ve veered to the far end of the spectrum and picked […]

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Logan – Review

Trilogies are an odd thing, aren’t they? Oh there’s plenty of them, usually in the action movie genre, but it’s very rare in these instances that the third film is the best of the three, with the possible exception of Return Of The King. And the X-Men series has three of the bloody things now, and the […]

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Hidden Figures – Review

Well this is awkward isn’t it. After the absolute trainwreck that was the Oscar’s ceremony, I’m worried that any criticism I may have for this week’s choice of viewing will just flag me up as a massive racist; given that Hollywood momentarily decided that La La Land should win Best Film, what with it being one […]

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