The Angels’ Share – Review

Well I certainly didn’t see this coming. I’ve had a backlog of a few different things I’ve been meaning to review for some time, namely Sherlock and Mean Girls, so as to quench my thirst for retroactive criticism in time for something more current like Hacksaw Ridge. But in a small dalliance with my Scottish ancestry, I attended an […]

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La La Land – Review

As somebody who frequently turns their nose up at films that everybody finds popular purely for the sake of being contrary, I would usually pronounce the word ‘musical’ with the same bile that somebody might pronounce the word ‘hookworm’. Yet in spite of this vitriol of the happy-clappy singalong genre, I have been slowly warming […]

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The Kessel Run Explained

I enjoy Star Wars as you all know. I was hardly trampling over people when Rogue One hit the screens nor do I own an ironic T-Shirt with the blue print of an X-Wing on it, but I do consider myself something of a fan. It gets on my nerves, therefore, when non-fans of the series decide […]

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