Rogue One – Review

Spin-off’s are, as a general rule, something of a creative minefield. While the original intention may well be to expand on an existing intellectual property for with a new story and fresh characters, nine times out of ten it simply turns into wallowing in the success of the original and disappointing the hell out of […]

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Jaws – Review

Ah, doesn’t this take you back. Back in August I reviewed  fun little shit-yourself thriller called The Shallows, which starred Blake Lively and a great white shark, also known as ‘Carcharodon carcharias’ according to the co-star of this week’s critique. I remember making comments about the shark-attack genre in my review back then, so as a […]

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Imperium – review

It’s very rare that I have something genuinely nice to say about somebody, but I must admit that I have a lot of respect for Daniel Radcliffe. TheĀ Potter franchise set him up for life, and it would’ve been the easiest thing in the world for him to eat lunch off those paychecks for the rest […]

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