The Shallows – Review

I always feel sorry for sharks. They are ancient, fascinating creatures, perfectly adapted to their environment and highly instinctual. Yet when it comes to cinema they are always portrayed as nothing more than swimming psychopaths with a malicious anti-human agenda. Opening with this seems somewhat like I’m playing devil’s advocate, but it’s necessary because I […]

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Jason Bourne – Review

Reviewing the latest installment of the Bourne series has been a true test of my journalistic integrity. Does one stand by one’s convictions and make clear ones true thoughts of a once beloved series? Or does one submit to rose-tinted nostalgia just this once and simply enjoy the ride. If you’d like that phrased in a […]

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Star Trek Beyond – Review

I often wonder if Hollywood isn’t deliberately trying to ruin things for me. First it was all the live-action Disney reboots. Then I discover that Dredd isn’t getting a sequel, whilst Pacific Rim is but without Charlie Hunnam. And now it appears even JJ Abrams reimagined Star Trek can’t stay unsullied, because the crafty bugger has jumped ship, leaving […]

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