Battle Of The Bastards

This week’s review comes as a little break in convention from my usual output. As you well know, I usually restrict my articles to those of feature length film productions, with the occasional TV series review thrown in if it’s a quiet week. However, with this week’s penultimate episode of the currentĀ Game Of Thrones season […]

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The Nice Guys – Review

It’s important to acknowledge educated opinions, and equally important to know when to ignore them. I happily got on board with all the flak that Shane Black received for Iron Man 3 and thought myself very smug for it. But having now seen The Nice Guys and as a result remembering the fun I had watching Kiss Kiss […]

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House Of Cards – Season 1

It would appear that many of my reviews, those of TV shows at least, seem to be crawling desperately some distance behind the bandwagon, not unlike Leo inĀ The Revenant. I don’t usually go to the cinema on my own, and my social calendar was rather full this week, so partly out of laziness and partly […]

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X-Men: Apocalypse – Review

I never thought I’d say this, but I almost feel sorry for Brett Ratner. The poor fellow was given the reigns of one of the most well-loved superhero franchises in existence and then proceeded to defecate all over said franchise within the space of a single film, presumably out of sheer panic. And as criminal […]

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