Good afternoon readers. I’m painfully aware that I haven’t posted an article or review in about three weeks. Obviously there’s no legitimate excuse for this lack of material, but for what its worth there are reasons for my absence from the blogosphere.

First and foremost are my work commitments. I work full time as a teaching assistant, which means long hours and exhausting work. As such the amount of free time I have in a given week is extremely limited. I working around this, and actively looking for other jobs that might in fact compliment my work here, but in the mean time I barely get the chance to sit down at my desk to write, let alone get to watch a movie in order to review it.

That being said, I have some exciting news in the pipeline. Netflix has been my constant companion through these past weeks, even if it is just a solitary episode on my phone whilst lying in bed. With that in mind, I can confirm that my first TV review is coming to you very soon, probably by this time next week. I am attending a journalism Masterclass tomorrow evening, so that combined with a full season’s worth of material to work with should, I hope, provide you with some stimulating writing material.

Well that’s enough whining from me. I’ve made my statement, so I’d better get back to it. Until next time!


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