In The Heart Of The Sea – Review

Ever since the release of Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World in 2003, the seafaring story has been almost entirely absent from the silver screen. For somebody with an enthusiasm for all things nautical, particularly the Age Of Sail, a film like In The Heart Of The Sea scratches a long-neglected itch. Coming from […]

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Jericho – Season 1

The phrase “post-apocalyptic” doesn’t tend to excite as much as it used to, as its usually followed by the word “dystopian” and as such puts one in mind of one of the innumerable young adult book series that have been adapted to screen for the sake of a hasty cash-grab. Jericho was recommended to me […]

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Good afternoon readers. I’m painfully aware that I haven’t posted an article or review in about three weeks. Obviously there’s no legitimate excuse for this lack of material, but for what its worth there are reasons for my absence from the blogosphere. First and foremost are my work commitments. I work full time as a […]

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