Deadpool – Review

I’ve been avoiding films related to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) for some time now. Not because they’re badly made or not entertaining, they just tend to be a little too kid-friendly. This is entirely to be expected given Disney’s ownership of the respective IP, and that the comic-book genre is trying to reach the […]

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The Revenant – Review

Set in the early days of the American Frontier, an era that has gone untouched by cinema for some time, The Revenant is, as the name suggests, a tale of revenge. Abandoned by his comrades after a vicious mauling by a grizzly bear, frontiersman and trapper Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is forced to become one […]

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Inaugural Address (I suppose)

Hello there. It’s me, the bloke from the internet who enjoys writing and talking about movies, television and many things in-between. Full disclosure: I’m not a journalist of film critic, although many of my articles have been published when I was writing for my University newspaper. I’m a teaching assistant during the day, and I […]

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