Dunkirk – Review

There aren’t many rules I tend to follow as a journalist. I keep my schedule fairly loose, and I usually review something that interests me, not simply something that’s popular. But one of the few rules I try to keep to is not watching trailers. The reason behind this is that trailers are little more […]

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Baby Driver – Review

I can be an obstinate man at the best of times, and whilst this has served me favourably from time to time, it did result in my watching The Fault In Our Stars just to prove a point. I don’t recall what the point was, as I’ve tried to sear the memory of that film from […]

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War Machine – Review

Well now here’s an interesting turn of events. I know I mentioned Xenomorphology 101 some time back, but unlike my empty promises of Hacksaw Ridge and some other films that I’ve since forgotten about entirely, the article is going to see the light of day. Just not now. Alien: Covenant is too far back for me to publish […]

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Wonder Woman – Review

This might seem an odd thing to open with, but Chris Pine has got very small ears. I wouldn’t mention it, but there’s several points throughout Wonder Woman when Captain Kirk is face to face with the protagonist apparently about to bury his nose in her admittedly lovely hair, and the camera just lingers on […]

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Alien: Covenant – Review

Say what you like about unoriginal subtitling, but this particular instance has been getting on my proverbial tits for a while now. I know there’s a joke to do with the Halo franchise in here somewhere, especially seeing as it takes so much inspiration from Aliens right down to the moustached, cigar-chomping sergeant who just can’t shut […]

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Sand Castle -Review

My choice whether or not to review something on this journal is one that is often affected by a multitude of factors. Release schedules are one thing, as most people don’t want to hear about something that came out months ago. Another factor is personal interest, be it from the readers or more often myself. […]

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